About Kidbrooke Place

Our Heritage

Nestled at the foot of the Kleinrivier Mountain Range, Kidbrooke Place was originally a protea farm owned by Norman and Doris Hudd. As a gift to the region and the town of Hermanus, the Hudds very generously bequeathed the 196 acres of magnificent land for the establishment of a retirement village. They also donated their striking homestead, to be converted and equipped as a frail care centre.

Today Kidbrooke Place is a beautiful and full-service retirement village thanks to the legacy of Norman and Doris. Their kind and caring spirits continue to shine in the cordial attitude of the people living and working in the village, all giving their time, knowledge and skills to help others and benefit the village as a whole.

What is the Hudd Trust?

The Hudd Trust is a discretionary, non-profit Trust established in 1988 by Mr and Mrs Hudd. The protea farm owned by the Hudds was donated to the Hudd Trust with the principal objective of providing residential accommodation, under sale or lease, to aged or retired persons. The Trust consists of  five trustees who deal, for the benefit of the trust, and in furtherance of this principal object, with the assets of the trust. Kidbrooke Place Retirement Village was thus developed under this premise.

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